3 Cannabis Products You Need to Try

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Every day, studies are discovering more cannabis benefits and many companies are in support of the movement. Businesses are coming up with more cannabis products that you should consider for improving your daily life and comfort.

From oils to dog treats, this herb is taking over the country, and you’ll be able to enjoy all the benefits that are completely natural. But let’s find out exactly which products are on the rise that you should check out!

1. THC Beauty Products

Cannabis companies have begun to promote beauty products infused with the herb to their customers. The beauty industry is expected to exceed $716 billion by 2025 according to market reports, so it is no wonder that product lines are expanding to include a wide variety of ingredients. Given that cannabis is a natural product that could benefit everyone with great results, for consumers to reach high-quality products.

Cannabis has anti-inflammatory characteristics that could also help your skin, meaning it could prevent acne and help with hydration. Not to mention, it can help with relaxation, which is beneficial for mental health and therefore overall health.

2. THC Oils & Tinctures

Cannabis oil can be used for many things, and it has so many benefits. Most oils out there have low levels of THC, which means that they are used safely and regularly for pain, anxiety, and nausea relief. Those characteristics are perfect for patients, and that’s why doctors have been prescribing cannabis oils more often in the past few years.

3. THC Edibles

The food industry has also taken notice of the benefits of cannabis, and companies have started to produce more edibles made with cannabis or CBD.

Cannabis edibles offer individuals a smoke-free alternative while still gaining the benefits of cannabis. Licensed cannabis dispensaries sell precisely dosed edibles in a wide variety of cannabinoid profiles and recipes. It’s simple to purchase edibles from your local dispensary, as you can trust you’ll receive the same quality products every time you visit.

Now that you know some of the products that are trending, you can decide which ones to try. Check out what Portland Greenhouse can offer you today with our wide variety of cannabis products!