5 Busted Myths About Weed

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Many countries are continuing to legalize and decriminalize weed globally. In Maine, recreational users are allowed to use cannabis in a private residence or property. Despite its increased consumption, there are still many myths about weed that make people skeptical about it. Read on to learn five busted myths about weed.

1. Weed Consumption Causes Lung Cancer

One common myth about weed consumption is that it causes lung cancer. Although marijuana smoke contains carcinogenic combustion products like tobacco smoke, there is no direct association between weed smoking and lung cancer or any other type of cancer. Research shows that weed smoking inhibits the growth of cancerous tumors.

2. Weed is a Gateway Drug

It is often speculated that most people who use other drugs start with marijuana because it is a gateway drug. This is not factual. There is no evidence indicating that marijuana makes people more inclined to use other drugs. Marijuana is not a gateway drug, and recreational cannabis won’t prompt you to start using other substances.

3. Weed Causes Crime and Delinquency

It is true that weed users have been associated with acts of crime and delinquency. However, weed consumption itself does not cause criminal behavior. Recreational cannabis is calming and doesn’t cause aggression like alcohol, amphetamines, and steroids.

4. All Weed Has the Same Effect

People are of the idea that all types of weed have the same effect and produce the same kind of high. This is not true. Many types of weed exist including Indica, Sativa, and hybrid. There are also synthetic weed strains. Different weed species and strains have different effects and produce different kinds of high. Also, individuals process weed differently. Be sure to ask your seller about the effects of a certain species or strain of weed before using it.

5. It’s Impossible to Overdose on Weed

Another common myth many weed smokers perpetuate is that one can’t overdose on weed. Overdosing means consuming more than the normal or recommended amounts of a given substance. You can overdose on weed, although it won’t kill you. Instead, an overdose can cause anxiety, paranoia, dizziness, poor coordination, and mild chest pains. It would be best not to consume too much recreational cannabis to avoid these effects. How much is too much? Check with an expert, like Portland Greenhouse, to learn more about healthy dosing.

Recreational cannabis has many benefits like improving sleep, enhancing learning and memory, and reducing anxiety. Use weed responsibly to enjoy these benefits.