All You Need to Know About Cannabis Tourism

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Where once cannabis was considered taboo, it’s now become remarkably commonplace. Medical cannabis products are being legalized in many states, and more still are adopting recreational cannabis as a legal product. But not all states are quite so quick to embrace cannabis products. Due to the nature of the United States, an individual could live in a state where it’s illegal to use cannabis products recreationally while being less than an hour away from a town where the products are perfectly legal. This is one reason why cannabis tourism is becoming more popular. When individuals don’t have a local cannabis dispensary to turn to, they’re often willing to go searching a bit further for their products. Of course, others are discovering that the point of the journey is not just to buy cannabis products, but perhaps even enjoy them while they’re traveling.

How Does Cannabis Tourism Work?

Cannabis tourism is a bit beyond just going to your local cannabis dispensary across state lines. It’s more about planning a trip that revolves around, at least in part, cannabis usage. After all, you may be able to buy cannabis in a legal state; but you can’t take it back to an illegal state. More and more people are looking for places where they can stay and have a great time while buying and using their cannabis products.

Of course, cannabis tourism isn’t just about finding the right place to buy the products, but the right place to use them as well. Not all establishments, even in states where recreational cannabis is legal, welcome the usage of these products.

What Are The Benefits Of Cannabis Tourism?

There are many benefits that come with cannabis tourism, beyond the benefits to just the cannabis user. Of course, cannabis itself can alleviate pain, stress, anxiety, and much more. But it also can serve as a major boon for the tourism industry in general. While it’s been difficult to travel to rebound after COVID-19, establishments that designate themselves as cannabis-friendly may find themselves with an influx of travelers. People are willing to travel for cannabis, where it’s a local cannabis dispensary or further away.

One thing is for certain: cannabis products aren’t going away. After lobsters and potatoes, cannabis is now Maine’s third bestselling product. If the tourism industry can take advantage of the product, it absolutely should and will.