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Four Major Benefits of Cannabis Products You Should Know About

As more and more states legalize recreational cannabis products, in turn, more and more people are considering getting into the cannabis business. Although there are many legal issues involved in

How Cannabis Catalyzes Comfort & Connection

There have been so many warnings about how cannabis use can negatively impact the brain and while this is very true for young, adolescent, developing brains, there is tremendous evidence

4 Tips For Navigating a Cannabis Dispensary

The fact is that the national perspective on cannabis has changed very rapidly, and with good reason. With not only medical but recreational cannabis use becoming more and more common

3 Tips For First Time Cannabis Users

There are several reasons why people use cannabis. Some use it for medicinal purposes and some for recreation. If you are considering using cannabis for the first time, there are

How Is the Sale of Weed Affecting Maine’s Economy?

In 2016, Maine experienced a surprising change when its voters chose to legalize recreational marijuana use. The legalization of cannabis products is always exciting for those who enjoy using marijuana

5 Busted Myths About Weed

Many countries are continuing to legalize and decriminalize weed globally. In Maine, recreational users are allowed to use cannabis in a private residence or property. Despite its increased consumption, there