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There have been so many warnings about how cannabis use can negatively impact the brain and while this is very true for young, adolescent, developing brains, there is tremendous evidence that for adults, it can be 100% the opposite. This is why our adult use Cannabis dispensary in Portland’s old port is here for you.

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Based on my own experience and on my conversations with countless adults, it is remarkable how unanimously everyone reported that cannabis helps their mental state in a variety of ways.

A mom friend of mine who uses cannabis regularly had these remarks, “ I would say that when I smoke, it increases my ability to be present and joyful. It disrupts the normal thought patterns that I have-and kind of throws me into a different consciousness”.

I love this, and I totally relate. Cannabis has the ability to create new pathways in our brains. Just like a twig being pushed through sand and creating a groove, our brains have these same grooves. When we have the same fearful thoughts on repeat, and the same negative self talk on repeat, we start to feel overwhelmed. Speaking from my own experience, when I get into these merry go rounds of what if’s or maybe past regrets, it’s so easy to get stuck there. When we are able to be plucked out of that thought cycle, even if just for a few minutes or longer, it not only creates temporary relief, but also allows us a new state of consciousness and a new pathway to which we can return in the future. Wow!

Another dear friend of mine (also a woman in her forties), explained that “cannabis pushes a pause button on all the external chatter that I get overwhelmed by. It helps me connect to the moment that I am in, find the humor in life and honestly just makes me laugh and let go”.

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I absolutely concur. Human life on this planet can be hard. Even if we are relatively blessed in the Unites States compared to so many places on the globe, we all live in the immediate reality of global warming, war, pandemics, racial injustice and the list goes on. It’s hard not to feel overwhelmed and bogged down by the big stuff, let alone the little stuff like trying to pay bills, parent well, be a good partner and friend. Whether it’s popping an edible (seaweed’s OG pate de fruit, indica strain is my current favorite) and taking a bath to unwind, gathering with friends by the fire and passing a joint (we have a variety of awesome pre-roll options), trying a THC beverage on the beach (HighBrow’s blood orange is my go-to, and perfect for an alcohol replacement over seltzer)……it’s tapping into this plant’s ability to allow us to connect to the moment and let go. Check out our menu here!

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We have a new book in the store which I love. It’s called “Good Chemistry” by Julie Holland and it is largely about how plant medicines, especially cannabis, can help us to feel connected. Instead of constantly being in fight or flight mode (which many of us are in all the time), she talks about how psychedelic medicines (which cannabis is actually considered) can catalyze a connection with the self, with nature, or the cosmos. Good Chemistry points us on the right path to forging true and deeper attachments with our own souls, to one another, and even to our planet, helping us heal ourselves and our world.

In my own experience, cannabis has helped me deal with trauma. It enables me to be in the present moment where I realize and feel that everything is safe and good. I also do feel my shoulders drop and an awareness that I do not need to sweat the small stuff. In fact, it seems silly to do so because like my friends, said, when I am using cannabis, I know that all I have is that moment and in that moment, I am at peace. I have a much more myopic view of the world and my life rather than my day to day micro view where little things can get big very quickly.

Our stellar lead bud tender, Maradi, says that she has had a long and complex journey with Cannabis. At this point, she says it is part of her morning, night and self care routine, as it gives her motivation in the morning and it helps her wind down at night.

“Cannabis keeps me balanced, relaxed and present during meditation. It helps my body not feel so tense; I feel uplifted, even euphoric. At its worst, cannabis will make me laugh too much and forget what I said. I think everyone deserves that once in a while, don’t you?”

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At Portland Greenhouse (1 Spring Street in the Old Port) we are an adult use Cannabis dispensary rooted in the belief that everyone deserves to feel connected, loved, present, accepted and yes, even a good belly laugh on a regular basis doesn’t hurt.