How Is the Sale of Weed Affecting Maine’s Economy?

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In 2016, Maine experienced a surprising change when its voters chose to legalize recreational marijuana use. The legalization of cannabis products is always exciting for those who enjoy using marijuana recreationally, but it meant even more for Maine as a whole. The legalization of recreational cannabis can often be a major boost for a state’s economy, let’s look into what the legalization of cannabis products has done for the state of Maine.

How Has the Legalization of Marijuana Affected Maine’s Economy?

It hasn’t taken long for cannabis products to make a major impact on Maine’s economic outlook. From October 2020 to January 2021, it was reported that medical marijuana sales totaled $221.8 million. This doubled the same time period’s sales from the previous year. These numbers dwarfed the sales of products like milk, blueberries, and potatoes.

These cannabis products have shown a great deal of promise. The only thing that can limit the boom of recreational marijuana is the supply chain which prioritizes medical products over recreational marijuana. Nonetheless, there are plenty of opportunities available for those interested in selling both medical and recreational marijuana. In total, cannabis products are now the third best-selling products in Maine, behind only lobster and potatoes.

Why Do Cannabis Products Boost the Economy?

It’s easy to wonder why cannabis products sold well during the pandemic. People who need medical marijuana will always need it, regardless of whether or not there is an ongoing pandemic. However, recreational marijuana, much like alcohol, has proved to be pandemic proof. Both medical and recreational cannabis products often are used to reduce anxiety and depression symptoms, which are more prevalent than ever.

Additionally, cannabis products are quite varied. Cannabis can not only be consumed through smoking, but through edible products as well, and even topical products like creams and body washes. With all of the potential growth this product has to offer, it should come as no surprise that Maine isn’t just benefiting from legalizing marijuana; it’s truly profiting.