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Now that Cannabis is legal in many states, chances are it is going to come up in conversation with your kiddos.

Whether they recognize the skunky smell because they have smelled it on the chairlift, or seen cannabis stores cropping up on every corner, there is no way (or reason) to avoid the discussion. Like Devon Scoble says in an article on the topic, “Whether you’ve used cannabis for years or simply plan to now that it’s legal, you’d be smart to prepare for an eventual chat with the kids about it”.

Teaching Kids About Cannabis Safety Should be Similar to Talking About Alcohol Safety

Because alcohol is so much more readily accepted in our culture (at this juncture anyway), it’s natural for most kids to see their parents imbibing on a regular basis. Even if a parent gets carried away at a dinner party or wakes up with a serious hangover the next morning, many children think nothing of it or hear about it. But, if some of mom’s friends come over and they light up a joint in the backyard, it’s (potentially and most likely considered taboo). I do think this is going to change as we become educated and educate our children about cannabis, now that it is legal.

To avoid the topic altogether or to think it won’t come up, is pretty ridiculous. As Devon remarks, “Alcohol-imbibing parents can choose from a range of social examples to frame their conversation and can even joke about it, patting beer guts and hashtagging “mommy juice.” But the norms surrounding cannabis are changing so quickly that our conversations haven’t necessarily caught up, and the topic can feel heavy.”

I can certainly relate to this as a mom of a teenager, especially. My husband has been sober for 28 years and doesn’t consume alcohol or cannabis. Therefore, we have very little booze in the house and I drink pretty rarely because I have a real sensitivity to it and it makes me feel awful the next day. We have had a lot of conversations about alcohol and how it can be both addictive and dangerous. I have no doubts that my teens will eventually experiment but we have many open discussions about booze, driving, and how it can impair judgment or even kill you. I fully expect my children to try it, but hope that when they do, they know enough to be safe.

How to Tell Your Kids You Occasionally Smoke

When it comes to cannabis, even though we just opened Portland Greenhouse and absolutely believe in the many benefits of cannabis, I have to admit that I don’t always know exactly how to talk about it to my kids. One sentiment that I took away from this particular Today’s Parent article (and I have read many) was that we don’t need to glamorize nor demonize cannabis. Our children should be educated, just like they have been about alcohol. There are so many upsides to marijuana, yet it is contraindicated for developing brains. Just like parents who may open a nice bottle of red at the dinner table, there should be no reason a parent couldn’t openly sip a THC seltzer in the same way without having to hide it or put it into a secret glass. It’s all about the conversation.

Why Are Conversations About Cannabis in Maine Important?

One of my best mom friends who is like a sister to me openly grows marijuana in her garden which she and her husband harvest along with honey from their bees and greens from their garden. She enjoys the occasional edible around the fire pit and her 14-year-old daughter knows that these are off-limits and only for adults. She explains that like alcohol, cannabis is fine when used properly and by adults. It doesn’t have to be embarrassing or awkward. In my opinion, problems occur when there is no conversation, and our children can’t talk to us about what is happening in their lives. My son knows that he can never take a pill at a party because it could be laced with fentanyl and he could die. Terrifying as it is, this is the world our kids are living in. Similarly, he knows that edibles can be really strong and while he wouldn’t die, he could get really sick or feel really uncomfortable mentally. I’ve talked to him about dosage and not taking anything that isn’t marked or that he might not know where it is coming from. I still hope he waits until he is older, but not talking about it isn’t going to ensure that.

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We thought long and hard about opening a recreational Cannabis store in Portland’s historic Old Port, because the health and well-being of the community we have grown to love truly is of utmost importance to us. At the end of the day, it’s the honest, insightful education about cannabis that is what we believe in and is the pillar of Portland Greenhouse. We hope you will come in and join the ever-evolving conversation.