What You Didn’t Know About Recreational Marijuana

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Recreational marijuana is a psychoactive drug with an interesting and long history. You can consume it in various forms for medicinal and recreational purposes. There are many interesting marijuana facts to learn. Let’s dive in!

George Washington Grew Hemp

This isn’t a joke! Our founding president didn’t just help create a successful independent country. He grew hemp, too! Hemp was considered a cash crop in the 18th century and was used to make rope, paper, and clothes.

Shakespeare May Have Used Marijuana

Shakespeare might not have been a true cannabis connoisseur, but forensic technology revealed that some of his clay pipes had marijuana traces. The study used a gas procedure to reveal the traces of marijuana residue that dates back 100 years. Perhaps Shakespeare used marijuana while writing his legendary sonnets, plays, and other creations.

Women Can Build a Higher Tolerance Easier Than Men

A 2014 study looked at how female and male rats react differently to THC. Female rats have a menstrual cycle similar to female humans, so it was easier to tell how females react to THC. The study revealed that female rats were more sensitive to THC when ovulating and took about 10 days to build a higher tolerance than male rats.

Cannabis is Ancient

Cannabis dates back thousands of years. Ancient Asia used cannabis seeds for making oil, rope, food, and textiles. Its use expanded as Asians traded with Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. People started using hemp for medicinal purposes. Certain states in the U.S. allow recreational cannabis use, but others embrace it legally by setting strict rules.

Dispensaries Are on the Rise

Cannabis is only legalized for recreational purposes in a handful of territories, states, and countries, but about 147 million people globally (2.5% of the world’s population consume cannabis annually. This makes marijuana the most widely consumed drug globally. According to The Marijuana Policy Project, application fees for opening up marijuana stores, product manufacturers, and testing facilities cost $250 in Maine.

Marijuana Can Relieve Nausea and Chronic Pain

Marijuana products appear effective in pain-relieving and easing vomiting and nausea because of treatments like chemotherapy. Plus, it may help people who have trouble sleeping because of fibromyalgia, apnea, or chronic pain.

You should check out more interesting facts about marijuana and how recreational use can provide different benefits. If you are looking for a Maine recreational marijuana dispensary, check out what Portland Greenhouse can offer you!