Why Choose Cannabis Over Alcohol?

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You may have noticed that there is a new game in town, and it’s called cannabis. Not really new at all, but definitely gaining more mainstream momentum for adults who want to be able to kick back, relax, and have some fun without the hangover headaches and tire around the tummy. In a recent poll, Americans are choosing Cannabis over Alcohol which is considered a much healthier trend. Nearly 1/3 of over 10, 000 Americans say that they think it would be ideal if people used more marijuana and less liquor.

In Portland, Maine it has become a bit of a joke that there is a weed shop on every corner, but maybe that is actually a reflection of how popular cannabis is and a statement about just how many adults, from every walk of life, are wanting to delve more into or entirely switch over, to using cannabis as a replacement to alcohol.

As experts point out, liquor is strongly linked to negative long term health issues but the same can not be said for cannabis!

Choosey Moms Choose Cannabis!

In her book, Weed Mom, which we sell at Portland Greenhouse and is one of my favorites, Danielle Simone Brand highlights why she switched over to cannabis and never looked back. She starts off with why she is breaking up with alcohol- she explains why she chooses weed, marijuana, pot, ganja, green, cannabis whatever you want to call it- over booze because it’s perfect for relaxing, causes no headaches, no hangovers, and has no calories. Using cannabis allows her to be a more patient mom, more even keeled, and more present and tapped in. She goes on to talk about how cannabis can even increase sexual desire and intimacy.

Often anxiety and depression or simply being burned out (totally normal in our American culture) are what cause many of us to reach for something to help shift our mood or help us relax. A hard day at work, a long day with the kids, there is certainly a desire both physically and mentally to reach for something to alter the way we feel. This is nothing new. But what IS new, is that cannabis is legal now (it always should have been in my opinion), and with the correct education, it can be an absolute life changer for those of us who are 21+.

Days of Drinking are Numbered

I know that at age 45, my days of drinking are numbered. I may have a few drinks a month, but typically I feel the onset of a headache after one glass of wine. My sleep is disrupted, as I get sweaty and toss and turn and in the morning I am drawn to a greasy egg sandwich over a smoothie and yoga or barre class. My whole day can be turned upside down because of that one drink at 6 pm. It’s just not worth it and I know a lot of my adult friends feel the same.

Instead, whatever your mode of cannabis consumption may be (THC/CBD seltzer, edible, pre-roll, concentrate, straight up flower), you can gain the desired shift physically and/or mentally without the very common undesired negative side effects of alcohol. Even 1/3 of an edible can allow one’s shoulders to drop in the same way a glass of pinot grigio can. Instead of falling into a deep sleep but then waking up at 2 am which can certainly happen after consuming booze, cannabis typically enhances restful, uninterrupted sleep, and you’re not reaching for advil first thing in the morning.

Fun Facts about Decreasing Anxiety and Enhancing Sex

To get into some fun specifics and geek out a bit, the best cannabis strains for lowering depression and even enhancing sex are typically a balanced THC to CBD ratio. Of course, it really depends on your own chemistry and a little experimentation is the best way to find out what works for you. Supposedly the best terpines for enhancing sex are linalool, pinene, limonene and beta-caryophyllene. A new line which we are incredibly psyched to carry at Portland Greenhouse is Stoner and Co. Their Peppermint Kush (which is also 27%THC!) is absolutely mindblowing. High in all of the terpenes mentioned above, it can definitely augment intimacy while reducing anxiety and depression. It’s a win-win:) And no hang over!

Creating and Participating in a More Peaceful Society

Can you imagine what might have happened if we lived in a world where adults consumed cannabis over alcohol? We would have far less violent behavior, less crime, less domestic abuse and assaults. While alcohol use is often linked to health issues like cancer and liver damage, cannabis use is not. Alcohol is much more addictive than cannabis.

At Portland Greenhouse we really are “doing” cannabis differently. We believe in education and empowerment for our community and for everyone who walks through our welcoming doors. We think that, if used correctly, anyone and everyone seeking an alternative to enhanced physical and mental health can have success with cannabis. Maybe it’s time to ditch the evening cocktail, glass of wine or beer and try nature’s medicine. Our veteran bud tenders Scott and Maradi are some of the most knowledgeable, awesome humans you will ever meet and they would love to consult with you about shaking up your routine.